Cleanliness Improves Learning

Over the years, there have been quite a few interesting studies on student performance. However, only a few have been done to study how cleanliness impacts performance in educational environments. Here at Direct Clean, we love results that are important for our clients!

Plus, we’re suckers for cool data, too!

The Initial Cleanliness Research

Originally back in 2008, Brigham Young University assisted in a national study in partnership with APPA. The study aimed at discovering how cleanliness affects learning for college students. Interestingly, the results showed a clear advantage to “tidiness” in the classroom setting.

Over 90% of the students responded that cleanliness is important to their learning process!

Additionally, in the data focused on environmental factors that can distract the students, we find five factors that impact student study time. These factors are:

  • Noise Levels (Including noise from cleaning services!)
  • Air Temperature
  • Lighting Levels
  • Cleanliness (IBS Direct’s jam!)
  • Facility Conditions (Where we are on the front lines!)

Here at Direct Clean, we care deeply about the environments we help to maintain. We also care deeply for the patrons who frequent these spaces while chasing their dreams. So we take great care to:

  • Reduce noise levels of our services whenever possible
  • Maintain an excellent level of cleanliness
  • Proactively maintain and communicate issues in the space to stakeholders

Digging Deeper into Cleanliness

Our innovative approach to school cleanliness was further reinforced last year, when a study titled, “The Impact of School Climate and School Identification on Academic Achievement: Multilevel Modeling with Student and Teacher Data,” was released by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

In this study, the goal was to find out if the performance of a student (or teacher) suffers from untidy environments. There were several fascinating conclusions in this study. We were particularly interested in how the overall “School Climate” perceptions of both students and teachers distinctly impacts the learning process.

Cleanliness impacts a teachers ability to teach, as well as a student’s ability to learn.

Basically, the ongoing impression of cleanliness and facility upkeep has a dramatic impact on the performance of students. The reasons for this impact however, isn’t limited to the minds of the students. In fact, the school environment shows evidence of impacting a teacher’s ability to successfully teach the students in general. After all, a teacher who is uncomfortable or stressed from environmental factors like noise, dirt, and maintenance cannot focus enough on the students, who are also distracted by the environment.

Wow! We always knew we mattered, but even we didn’t fully understand just how important our services can actually be to future generations!

Putting It Together

With all of this data to guide us, Direct Clean is proud to be able to help keep your educational facilities in a state that gives students and teachers alike a performance boost from cleanliness. If you are a teacher or facility manager, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help!

If you are a parent or student, then please feel free to share this article with your school administrators or with your friends and family. We live for tidiness, and simply want to help as many students as possible to learn and perform at their best!

Let Direct Clean give your students and teachers a performance advantage!