Carpet Cleaning & Health: Pro Tips

Once a luxury for the wealthy, carpets bring both beauty and comfort to home and building owners. Keeping carpets clean and keeping the people walking on your carpet healthy takes some knowledge, though! Here’s some great information on how to ensure your carpet knowledge is on a Pro’s level.

  • The 5 Second Rule:

Perhaps a clever parent came up with this rule to circumvent wasted broccoli at the family dinner table, but in reality the 5 Second Rule is… risky! Even when a carpet has been freshly vacuumed, there are still microscopic-level germs that will transfer to the poor broccoli instantly. Plus, there are also tiny particles/fluid from the food itself that transfer to the carpet upon contact! Be sure to clean the spot quickly and thoroughly before any food particles have time to fester in there!

  • Low Grade Carpeting:

We get it. Carpeting is not cheap. However as professional cleaners, we see the risks of inexpensive carpeting and padding first hand. Discounted carpeting and padding is generally cheaper to buy because it simply can’t handle heavy use. The fibers break down faster from foot traffic, snags cause unnecessary collateral damage, and a quality cleaning maintenance plan can all together expose wear-and-tear that’s very costly to replace. The only way around this problem, is to avoid Low Grade Carpeting.

  • Cleaning New Carpeting:

Some folks think that new carpet doesn’t need a quality cleaning maintenance plan until it “looks” dirty. But really, carpeting needs ongoing help to stay healthy and clean. The act of cleaning a carpet not only refreshes the feeling of the plush pile surface, but it also pulls dirt up from the backing underneath. Each cleaning helps the carpet to live longer and provide better air quality in the room itself, too.

  • Dust Mites:

These tiny critters thrive on the skin cells (1.5 Million cells per person per hour) that fall off humans as they go about their days. Carpeting creates a canopy that keeps them warm while they feast on cells. While it’s not very practical to try and eliminate dust mites from a carpeted room, a consistent effort to reduce their communal size is key to having both clean flooring and clean air in the space.

  • A Quality Maintenance Plan:

There are a lot of opinions about how to best maintain carpeting. Based on our experience, and based on the industry standards for carpet cleaning, it’s very good practice to ensure you carpets are professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. A full/deep cleaning will  disrupt dust mite populations, will ensure new carpets stay new, and will help to take care of any food or skin particles that will inevitably work their way into the fibers of the flooring.

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